FitLife Med Spa Medical Weight Loss Program

The HCG weight loss program chosen by FitLife Med Spa was devised and first practiced by Dr. Simeon over 30 years ago, in his centers in both U.S.A and Rome, Italy. We have trained on the Dr. Simeon protocol. The Dr. Simeon protocol calls for combining FitLife Fast Start Medical Weight Loss Program with a very low calorie diet after gorging for two days. With FitLife Fast Start Medical Weight Loss Program, your body is triggered to release 2,500 calories from your fat stores each day, so assuming you normally eat 2,000 calories per day, you would be burning 1,500 calories from reducing your food intake, and then 2,500 extra calories from the FitLife Fast Start Medical Weight Loss Program, resulting in a total daily loss of 4,000 calories per day (about 1.2 pounds of fat). Also, your metabolism won’t slow down, because your body has plenty of fuel from your fat stores.  This FitLife Fast Start Medical Weight Loss Program plus VLCD will continue for 26 days if you have 15 lbs. or less to lose.  When a person has more than 15lbs to lose, the treatment takes longer but the maximum FitLife Fast Start Medical Weight Loss Program is 40 days. The treatment is stopped when 40 injections have been given.  You must wait 6 weeks before initiating another course of the program.

We have found many of our patients suffer from Metabolic Syndrome or even thyroid problems, and these are carefully screened through a complete history and physical and blood work if needed.

Every week afterwards, you will come into the clinic to be weighed, meet with a counselor, to address any problems and be educated in better eating habits, and given a B complex and a MIC vitamin injection.  We will provide you with the support you need to continue to achieve your goal. 

The hormone injection works by operating on the weight regulating center of the brain and stimulating it into weight reduction. This, combined with the weekly support of the staff at the Fit Life Med Spa means that attaining your goal will be easier than you think.

It is of course hard work to lose weight.  People who have led a lifestyle of continuous dieting, weight loss followed by weight gain often damage the natural function of the weight regulating center of the brain.  By restoring the appropriate function to the weight-regulating center through the use of hormones, your body will be helping you with your weight loss instead of fighting against it. 

Even the most diligent weight loss clients may have small pocket areas of fat that could not be improved through food choices and exercise.  For that reason, we offer Inmode Evolve Transform which is a laser device that delivers Radiofrequency to tighten the skin, melt fat and Electrical pulses which create muscle.  It is like doing 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes!  We also have Exilis Body Sculpting and Tightening to perfect those areas!


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